Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Much Fun!

It doesn't take much snow in the south to shut things down. On Sunday night, we got enough snow to keep us entertained and shut in.....shut in for days! Six inches of snow here in Woodstock made for a fun day on Monday! I wanted to share some photos that have already become good memories for our family.....
A quiet snow blanket covers our world.

The picnic table down by the creek stands proudly wearing her new white coat!

Berkley gets her snow legs. She LOVES the snow!

First order of business for the day....making our snow girl. We had plenty of advance notice of this winter storm, so we had her all planned out, right down to her shiny, black button eyes!

Next on the agenda....sledding! We went to Bascomb, where I teach, because there is a really tall, really great sledding hill there. C goes first because she is the daredevil in the family!

Then A goes. She is the cautious observer....aka, the "chicken".

All the girls at the top of the hill deciding who is going to race.

So the race begins. A on one sled, and two of her friends on the other.


Later, it is time for s'mores. The fire is warm and toasty.

Marshmallow fingers!

Sisters....enjoying s'mores...and a snow day together. Makes my heart swell!

We end our day just as it began....snug and warm, tucked inside our home, with our snow girl watching over us. Thank you God for days like these!