Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Turning Crap into Craft


Over the holidays, hubbie and I decided it was time to do something about my room in the basement. When we finished out our basement, I thought this would be a great place to complete craft and sewing projects. In reality, it just became a dumping ground for any and everything in our house that doesn't have a 'home'. We thought this would be a one or two day project, but it turned out to be a five day event! And I'm still not quite done. But the progress and transformation of this room is making me soooo happy!

Here is where we began....I'm a bit embarrassed to share these first few photos!

Then the great clean up and clean OUT begins! We took several loads to Goodwill, several loads to the trash, and everything else I just took to the next room to get it out of the way. The room is now empty and ready for our work!
After all our hard work.....this is the end result! I am so thrilled with this project! I just want to sit down there and stare at it. So, here are some details about what we did.....
This wall got several helpful pieces, but I think my favorite is the ribbon holder. I really think I am a ribbon-aholic! Previously the ribbon was in the drawer of a small dresser and it was all tangled up...just a mess...not even worth bothering with using it.

The other big item on this wall is the cubby storage. We have had this piece for many years. There is one more just like it that my father-in-law made to use in one of our daughter's rooms back when the kids were little. He also made the cabinet sitting next to this cubby. We didn't need them in the bedrooms any longer so one cubby is in my closet and the other two pieces landed here. I took the back off the this one and glued fabric squares to each section. I chose these fabrics to add a little bit of fun and whimsy to the room....you know, to make it a place I want to come and work.

The chalkboard is a work in progress. We still need to secure the board inside the frame and hang it. I had the frame from another project that didn't turn out right, so I put it to good use here. I painted it with Valspar Fair Maiden, which is also what I used on the pegboard. Although it doesn't look like it, this paint is a very faint pink color. It's perfect because I didn't want the paint to scream pink, rather I wanted it to be a highlight.

A close up of the ribbon holder....I luuurve it! And I luuurve my hubby who is awesomely talented!

This wall is what took forever! The pegboard is empty right now, but I know I will eventually use all the space. We added a shelf, and I already had the baskets. I got all the letters for CREATE half price at Hobby Lobby and spray painted them all pink. We made the counter top out of MDF. I just painted it gray and added a sealer top coat. It is pretty durable! You can't tell from these photos, but the fronts of the counter top and shelf are finished out with measuring sticks. I painted them in Fair Maiden and I still plan to go over the ruler markings. Having a measuring stick right there on the counter will be very handy for projects! The cabinets on this side are from our master bathroom. We had to remodel the master bath due to water damage, so these cabinets were perfect for this space! I just changed out the knobs on all the cabinetry to cheap black ones from Lowes. Works for me!

This is another brilliant concoction of my hubbie's! On this wall, I have a wrapping paper center. It sure is nice to have the wrapping paper all organized and ready to go. I am a big believer in wrapping gifts as opposed to using gift bags....half the fun is tearing open a wrapped package. Often it is not what you give as a gift, but how you present it.

I made this magnet board out of sheet metal that I purchased at Lowes. It is 24 x 24 and it was around $10. I glued the fabric to the metal, punched holes in the corners to string a ribbon through it and hung it on a hook in the pegboard. Only one problem with that plan....the metal was too heavy so it sagged in the middle. So hubbie just put one screw in it right in the middle to keep it flat. It is the perfect place to hang my to-do lists....I am a big list maker....it's a good feeling to get something done and cross it off the list! Speaking of that....I think there are a couple of things on the list that I can cross off right now! :o)

Lighting is a real issue in this room. We were looking at under cabinet lighting in Lowes when my hubbie turned around and saw these el cheapo flood lights. He mentioned it was a shame we couldn't use these and just spray paint them. It was a revelation!!! Such a fun little thing that costs very little...I think they were 6 bucks each! Thank you to my honey for that very good idea! As we were putting the wall up, we ran extension cords behind the pegboard and down to the outlets for the lights. It worked out great! These lights, plus a lamp on my sewing table really help the lighting situation, but I do have one more plan as far as lighting. I purchased a chandelier off Craigslist that I want to hang. First it will need a coat of pink paint, then it will need a willing hanger person. :o) Oh honey, I have another project for you. Hee hee! Any votes on what color for the chandy? Same pink as the lamps and letters? Or should I go with a lighter shade of pink so as not to be too much of a distraction?

Just a little bit of storage for all my magazines. They never seem to have a good place to land and I like to keep them for future reference. I have actually heard people say it is sacrilegious to get rid of Southern Living magazines...LOL!

This photo is for my friend Jennifer! Jennifer and I saw this project on a favorite blog site of ours Shanty 2 Chic and decided to work on it together over the Thanksgiving break. We both promised to post pics on Facebook when we finished....neither of us finished....it was just too cold to spray paint, then Christmas came and went. I have 3 trees, but the others are really, really not done. But this one was sitting in my room when my friends D'Ann and Becky were getting the grand tour. D'Ann thought I should just keep the trees up since they are just sort of fun and not too Christmas-y colored. I thought that was a splendid idea, so I am leaving them out. (I think I need to add 'finish the trees' to my to-do list.) And in this photo you can see the end of the power strip we added to the pegboard. This tree helps hide it a bit, but I am so happy to have power on the countertop. I now have a place to use my cricut and other tools!

LOVE the letters! I may end up moving them at some point if I need to add baskets.

Another look at the work bench/pegboard area.

I used a gift card from a student to purchase this scrapbook organizer at Michael's. The original price was $70! No way I would ever pay that much for a plastic storage bin! Luckily, all the scrapbook storage was 40% off after Christmas, so with that plus my gift card, I paid $24 for it! My friend D'Ann made cute little chalkboard labels with a burlap background for the baskets around her desk, so I copied her idea for the drawers in my scrapbook storage system. I will eventually make these for the baskets on the shelf....once I have something to put in them! This room is so cleaned out, I have tons of untapped storage space! Anyway, thanks D'Ann for the great idea!

And here is my sewing table! Before, this table was the catch all spot and there was no sewing here! It is always such a pain to move the sewing machine to a different table in a different room, then clean up the mess even if the sewing project is not complete. Now my table is free and clear for sewing! I am so happy about that! I have all the sewing supplies stored under this table. I am on the look out for an office type chair that I can cover with my fun fabrics that will eventually become my sewing chair. One thing I really like about having this table is that I can move it into the center of the room and the table can serve double duty as an extra crafting spot...for when I craft with friends, which I sometimes do! :o)

Here sits Little Miss White....she ain't fancy, but she gets the job done! LOL! Really, I am not a gifted seamtress, but I do know enough to sew straight lines and manage to whip out a few window treatments here and there! This White sewing machine was a birthday gift from my hubbie and kids one year, and it has really served me well!

I made this cork board out of 12 x 12 cork tiles. I got these at Wal-mart and they were $5 for a pack of 4. Hob Lob's price was $10, so Wal-mart is the go-to place for cork tiles, peeps! I used spray adhesive to cover each tile with a variety of fabrics in my chosen color scheme. We cut a piece of leftover beadboard ( the thin mdf kind) and used the back of it to mount the covered cork tiles. Love how this brings a bit more of the whimsy out in the open in this room! And it will be a great place to hang fabric samples and ideas for sewing projects. I already have a few fabrics pinned to it that are inspiration pieces for my older daughter's new room. Can't wait to start that project!

One last look at my fun, organized, creative space! Now, to keep it clean and neat....now that's another story right there!

Thanks for stopping by and sticking with my looong post!
Happy Crafting to you!

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Snow Much Fun!

It doesn't take much snow in the south to shut things down. On Sunday night, we got enough snow to keep us entertained and shut in.....shut in for days! Six inches of snow here in Woodstock made for a fun day on Monday! I wanted to share some photos that have already become good memories for our family.....
A quiet snow blanket covers our world.

The picnic table down by the creek stands proudly wearing her new white coat!

Berkley gets her snow legs. She LOVES the snow!

First order of business for the day....making our snow girl. We had plenty of advance notice of this winter storm, so we had her all planned out, right down to her shiny, black button eyes!

Next on the agenda....sledding! We went to Bascomb, where I teach, because there is a really tall, really great sledding hill there. C goes first because she is the daredevil in the family!

Then A goes. She is the cautious observer....aka, the "chicken".

All the girls at the top of the hill deciding who is going to race.

So the race begins. A on one sled, and two of her friends on the other.


Later, it is time for s'mores. The fire is warm and toasty.

Marshmallow fingers!

Sisters....enjoying s'mores...and a snow day together. Makes my heart swell!

We end our day just as it began....snug and warm, tucked inside our home, with our snow girl watching over us. Thank you God for days like these!