Sunday, September 26, 2010

Builder Built-ins to Media Wall

Well he finally won! We have debated the television over the mantel issue for some time now. After seeing it done in several homes of friends and family, I decided I could make it work in our house. I also saw it as a good reason to get rid of some very outdated decor on the built-ins and give our family room a new look.

This is what it looked like before we started. Basic builder grade built-in bookshelves flank a very puny fireplace. Hubby put in the cabinet on the left when we moved in so the television would have a home. At one point, I glazed the mantel to help make it pop from the white just didn't really do anything for me. The clutter on the shelves was about to drive me nuts and I was honestly ready to just put doors on the shelves and be done with it. We got a new know....the 52 inch man variety :o). And the process of installing it above the mantel gave me new hope and a vision for what our fireplace/built-ins wall could look like.

The bookshelves and the cabinet were removed. This is where I began sanding to prepare the mantel and shelves to be painted. Buh bye white!

We're going dark! This seemed to be my best option for getting the mantel to pop. The marble fireplace surround is not going anywhere....although I would LOVE to have a more substantial surround! So I chose a chocolately black paint and started the transformation.

The shelves went out to the garage for 3 coats of paint over a couple of days. A BIG thank you to my girl, Ashleigh for helping make this process go quicker!

We decided to bring in beadboard for the backs of the shelves. We have a beadboard backsplash in our kitchen, and the two rooms really are one long room. We thought this would be a great way to unify the two rooms. Our good friend and contractor, Grant helped us with the tv installation and you can see the wires are going in so they will be hidden.

The TV is in! And the shelves are it's time to start decorating!
And here is where we are today. While I can think of many other fireplaces that I am crazy about, I am pretty happy with our unified media wall! :o)

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Melissa at HOUSEography said...[Reply to comment]

That looks great! I love the black. One of my friends has the exact same set-up so I am going to send it to her.

Melissa at HOUSEography said...[Reply to comment]

Forgot to add thanks for linking up to my house tour party!

Raymond Lamson said...[Reply to comment]

We just built shelving in out living room and we painted it white. The wood that was used by my uncle was thin.. and the finish, its rough. no gloss at all. The living room is painted with a yellow and red combo. Furniture are brown, coffee table is dark maple. I thought that the shelves are a little off. what would you suggest to paint it with? I thought your project looked really nice!

Steve said...[Reply to comment]

Could you email me pictures of this project? I would like to get a closer look at the shelves. I am thinking about trying to duplicate your look. However, I have 0 carpentry