Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Room Fit for a Teen

When we had the water damage in our house, we decided to have hardwoods installed in the living and dining rooms since they were the only rooms on the main floor that had carpet.  A's room needed new carpet badly, and her room is directly above the living room with the same footprint.  It worked out great to install the living room carpet (which was barely ever walked on) in A's room.  To do this, we had to empty out her room....HUGE mess!  If any of you are ever even slightly thinking about replacing carpet....think looooong and hard and only do it once!  It basically means you have to move every. single. thing. out!

Anywhoo....when we got everything out of her room, it was easy to see the walls were in dire need of paint.  Here is what A's room looked like before:
All her furniture came from Ikea....and it is a room full!  I loved the apple green wall color, but she was ready for something a little less child-like.  I never liked the placement of the bed, as I feel strongly that the bed should be a focal point when you enter a room.  And her room was very chopped up with the large pieces of furniture.

We decided to go ahead and paint the room while all the furniture was out.  And since I am on a HUGE grey kick right now, I immediately knew what the new wall color would be!  This is Vintage Grey by Valspar.  I was seriously contemplating using this in my master bath reno, but went with a lighter shade. 
So here is what we ended up with after the paint and moving the furniture around.  I don't like that the bed is in front of the window, but it reeeally opens up the room!  

These letters used to be pink and they hung above her bed.  We spray painted them silver and moved them above her closet doors.!  Puffy came to live with us before A was even born!  He sat in the corner of her crib and somehow she found him.  We have lost Puffy at the mall, at restaurants and even yard sales.  I can't remember all the times we had to back track to find him!  After 17 years, Puffy is looking pretty raggedy, but he will always be wherever A sleeps!
I bought these white on white zebra curtains at Target a while back.  Now I need two more panels....any suggestions about where to find them???
 These are photos of A's bathroom.  It is connected to her room and picks up with the purple accent colors and black.

 Every teenage girl needs a place to keep all the essentials! LOL!  These baskets hanging above the toilet,as well as the jars on the shelf really do help with keeping "girl supplies" neatly organized.
 Ashleigh is in French 2 this year, and was just inducted into the National French Honor Society!  I am positive this is because of all she learned from her shower curtain! LOL!

So there you have a room fit for a teen!  A loves her space and I love her grey room!
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Fishtail Cottage said...[Reply to comment]

Very cool! i am in the process of trying to figure out how to decorate my twelve year old's bedroom - its very sweet right now & don't think it needs any changing...but she hates the color (orange) - i love it...but can understand her wanting to grow out of what she liked when she was six. You've done a fabulous job choosing items that you both can live with....xoox, tracie

Soledad Feigenbaum said...[Reply to comment]

It’s a good thing that A’s room was not wrecked by the water damage. It would be saddening if a stunning room like this would be adversely affected by water. Her room is very cozy and aesthetically arranged; it is really fit for a teenage girl. I like the green apple color of the wall because it creates a very welcoming ambiance. It seems that you were all well prepared when that devastating water came. Although the dining and living rooms were affected, it’s a good thing that A’s room remains intact and stunning.

Soledad Feigenbaum